Blaide Lallemand takes an interdisciplinary approach to making works of art, fusing her interest of sculptural practices with a range of ephemeral practices including performance, new media and site-specific installation. Blaide has also built her art practice around collaboration. Often initiating/guiding collaborative projects with artists from different back grounds such as musicians, actors, photographers and video artists’. She is also interested in immersing the audience into the artwork, enabling them to have a visceral experience and choice to actively participate with the realization and evolution of the artwork.

Blaide studied acting at the University of Western Sydney before graduating from the ANU School of Art with first class Honours in 2003. She is interested in exploring cycles in nature, rhythms of the body and aspects of intimate social and physical relationships between people and their complex means of communication. Her spatial-temporal works incorporate the senses of sight, hearing and touch to encourage intimate engagement with the work and other participants in the exhibition space.

She has actively participated in group shows such as the 2010 Blake Prize, Something in the Air: Collage and Assemblage in Canberra Region Art at Canberra Museum and Gallery, Portable Worlds 1 and 11 organised by ANAT, this toured the east and south coast of Australia and featured in the 2007 international pocket film festival at the Pompidou Centre France.  Other significant group shows include the 2005 Olive Cotton Portrait Award, Tweed Heads Regional Gallery and Biodiversity and Sustainable Resources, at the Australian Museum in Sydney. In 1995 she was a summer scholar at the National Gallery of Australia, and was fortunate to be apart of their show Don’t leave me this way: Art in the Age of Aids. Art prizes include winning the 2005 Phoenix Prize for Spiritual Art, ANU Gallery in Canberra, with an interactive immersive installation entitled Light of Heart and the 2001 Prospect Portrait Prize, Adelaide with her performance entitled Autumn. She has also exhibited several solo shows in Canberra.

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