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20th century sunset

20th century sunset, 61 x 67cm


Blue, 48 x 120 cm

Waiting for Summer

Waiting for Summer, 48 x 120 cm

Closer to Home

Closer to Home, 34 x 92.5 cm


Collective, 24 x 120 cm

The Gap, Ned's dead baby

The Gap, Ned's dead baby, 55 x 43cm


Progress, 28 x 79 cm


Suburbia, 23 x 93 cm

Country Girl Dreamin'

Country Girl Dreamin'


Country, 18 x 30 cm

Country history

Country history, 73 x 45 cm

Impermanence as Dyptich

Impermanence as Dyptich

Bushfire in the burbs

Bushfire in the burbs




Sheds, 39 x 52cm

Title: Assemblage Painting series
Medium: acrylic on board
Year: 2009-10

Artist statement

My paintings are intuitive process orientated constructions. I am inspired by colour and form, the combination of the two creating symbols and energetic tensions.

First I paint on board, then I cut the painted board on the band saw. Lastly I respond to the colours and shapes creating visual tones and rhythms. The result is a reflection of a wonderful tension between choice and boundaries, freedom and structure, the subconscious and consciousness.

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